Everything You Need to Know About Google AdWords

What Is Google AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s online advertisement platform, it allows business to be there when customers need them most. Business can work with Google to have relevant content appear during different Google searches.

There are many aspects to Google AdWords and the following points will help summarize the topic into 10 key areas.

a) Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is the concept of paying for advertisements through search networks to promote your company. With this form of advertising, you only pay for your ad when it is interacted with,  Google AdWords is the market leader in the market of pay-per-click advertising.

Google AdWords gives you access to the extremely vast Google network, this network reaches over 80% of internet users worldwide. The Google network consists of two parts; the Google search network and the Google display network. There are many reasons to use Google AdWords for promoting your business; they have an enormous reach, targeting that matches your ads with right customers, and measurability to follow the success of your ads.

b) Before Getting Started

At this first crucial stage, it is important to identify your goal as a business, this goal should include an objective, motivation, effort, and KPI.

An example of this would look like this for Wardo Golf:

Objective: More indoor golf lessons

Motivation: I want to learn

Effort: Get more students motivated to learn in the winter

KPI: Five new students before the outdoor driving ranges open

At this stage, you should be able to easily define what your products are and what campaign is needed for it. Next, you should have a clear definition of your audience, this should include a clear description of your potential customers. A great tool for this discussed in Brad Batesole’s video Google AdWords Essential Training is writing a short biography that you could use to introduce a potential customer.

c) Getting Started with AdWords
  1. Create an AdWords account here
  2. Next, skip the guided set-up and research the platform to organize your ideas
  3. You can use your existing Google account to set up AdWords
  4. Next, fill out the information at this step it is important to fill country and timezone for your business correctly because it cannot be changed later.
  5. Verify your account
  6. Spend some time to gain familiarity with the interface (Home, Campaigns, Opportunities, and Tools) for your AdWords account.

For smaller businesses, Google offers AdWords express. This platform simplifies the process of pay-per-click advertising, however, you lose a lot of the features that makes AdWorks great. Unless you’re in an extremely small local market it is best to avoid express and utilize the full AdWords platform.

d) Researching Your Keywords

Keywords are how your advertisements get noticed, it is important to select high-quality keywords to keep your campaigns profitable. It is important to be specific and to categorize your keywords to have success with keywords.

  1. Brainstorm keywords about your product
  2. Use Googles Keyword Planner to help determine more specific keywords for your product
  3. Now use Keyword Planner to get search volume trends and determine the best ones for your product
  4. Now determine your budget to find the number of keywords you may use.
e) Creating Your First Campaign
  1. At the AdWords dashboard select the Campaigns menu.
  2. Now Click “Create your first campaign”
  3. Select a campaign name
  4. Select a type of campaign
  5. Select networks used
  6. Select devices to be displayed on
  7. Select geographical location for campaign (broad or narrow options)
    1. In this section, it has further options and allows you to target and exclude people in select locations
  8. Languages used in campaign
  9. Review your bid settings and your strategies for bidding on AdWords
  10. Look into ad extensions to further the information available in your ads and increase the effectiveness of your advertisements
f) Creating Your First Advertisement

In creating your first advertisement there are four main parts to your text ad; the headline, the web addresses, followed by the description lines.

The 6 tips discussed for writing effective ads in Brad Batesole’s video are:

  1. Highlight what makes you unique
  2. Use a call to action
  3. Use sales terms (prices promotions, limited quantity)
  4. Match your ads to your keywords
  5. Match your ad to your landing page
  6. Experiment with different ads

(Batesole, 2017, Section 6 Part 1)

g) Monitoring Your Advertisements

Spend 15-30 minutes a week reviewing your advertisements and how they are performing, Google AdWords gives many metrics to review your ads so utilize them. By setting your own standards for success it will be easy to monitor your campaign performance.

h) Advanced Advertising Tracking

For businesses who use Google Analytics, AdWords will further the tracking metrics to new levels. By linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts it allows to track everything before the click as well as everything after the click, this is a fantastic way of checking your conversion rate from your AdWord campaigns.

i) Key Optimizing Strategies

AdWords allows you to run a change in ads to smaller test markets. This way you do not risk losing traffic from already successful ads and can build on your success to improve on your ads.

j) Going Beyond the Basics

Google AdWords has a lot to learn initially but once a level of understanding is established you can do a lot more with your ads to increase there effectiveness. Some of the further features of Google AdWords includes:

  • Bid adjustments allow you to adjust to changing markets and can find where you are most effective.
  • Audience remarketing allows you to market to those who you already have been to your site.
  • Audience insights allow for a better understanding of who is viewing your ad and will give you a better description of your customers.
  • Using ad extensions is an easy way of setting your ads apart because it is something that only a small group currently utilize.
  • Customizing a landing page from your keywords to increase your quality score.
  • AdWords allows you to target based on average household income, this can be extremely effective on having your ads in the right place and in front of the right people.

What can Google AdWords do for Your Business?

Golf professionals can be left with the responsibility with of advertising their course to increase membership sales and green fees, also for those professionals with previously developed instruction websites can benefit from using Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows you to set your budget which works great for professionals working with limited budgets, it also allows you to reinvest and make changes to your ads to further improve performance. AdWords has an incredible reach by using the Google network, every search represents a consumer in need and if you can be there for them you will gain business. Google AdWords is the easiest way to get your business to the top of google searches, imagine thousands of golfers searching “Golf Lessons” and your teaching brand or golf course is at the top of a whopping 2,010,000 different search results.

This is a great summary of 5 great reasons to use Google AdWords from YouTube Channel Digital Marketer!


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