Everything You Need to Know About YouTube For Business

What can YouTube do for you:

Believe it or not, YouTube isn’t just for golf highlights and comical cat videos, it can be a fantastic tool for your business ” to share content, to build a community,  and even to make money” (Alexander, 2014, Paragraph 1). There have been many successful video bloggers in the golf industry who have gained a massive following through YouTube. Success stories like PGA golf coach Mark Crossfield use YouTube to share equipment reviews and free golf tips to promote his brand and business. Mark has gained many sponsors from his channel and currently has 239,436 subscribers and his videos have gained over 142 million views. His video from 2011 titled “How To Stop Slicing Your Driver” currently has over 1.2 million views.

As a golf professional, I’m happy if 10 golfers show up for my short game clinic, I can feel my heart pounding from potential international fame if a tweet of mine gets retweeted more than 10 times. I can’t even fathom having a video that has been viewed over a million times, that’s quite the reach if you ask me.

Now that you’ve seen what YouTube can potentially do for you, continue reading for some great tips on building a successful YouTube channel.

Building your YouTube channel

Link your YouTube channel to your brand or company website

Having this resource for YouTube viewers will add credibility to your channel and linking your website allows you to share all the information you want your viewers to know about you and your business. The pairing of these two platforms allows you to provide excellent video content on your website and also can bring in more traffic from search engines. This increased traffic will provide more viewers the opportunity to buy whatever you’re selling which can lead to increases in revenue.

Consistency in branding

Utilize your company logo or brand name in all over your channel’s content in order to make it easier for viewers to recognize you and your brand. Using a consistent catchphrase is also a way of building consistency with your branding promoting your brand’s moto or views. Having a short intro in all of your videos allows viewers to recognize your video moments after turning it on.

How to get more views

Optimizing your content for search engines is just as important on YouTube as it is on your website. The best way to get more hits from search engines is to have descriptive titles for your videos, description of your video, and the use of the tags feature from YouTube. By researching your keywords and finding which ones will be most effective you will be guaranteed to improve your view count.

Get viewers to watch other videos on your channel

If you can entice your viewers to watch more videos from your channel you have a much better chance of having them return to your channel. Use the description tool from YouTube to place links to videos from your channel that are similar and make it easier for viewers to move between videos. If your linked video is directly related to one the viewer is currently watching YouTube’s annotations feature simplifies the process for your audience to move between videos. Once you have built up your video library you can use video playlists to help group videos into categories.

For example, if you are posting golf equipment reviews, golf tips, and golf travel videos, you could potentially make each one of these titles for playlists.

Know what your YouTube channel competitors are doing

Find similar channels to your’s and research what they are doing well and what might need some work. By doing this you can build off their success and fine tune it to make your content the best out there. Also be sure to watch what unrelated channels to yours are doing to be ahead of the curve in YouTube innovation.

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